White Paper Review

The Minister for Social Development launched the Comprehensive Report on the Review of the White Paper for Social Welfare, 1997 on 4 November 2016. Professor Vivian Tylor, Chairperson of the Review Committee gave a brief overview of the Report at the launch and highlighted:

Prof Taylor briefly outlined the structure of the Report which contains information from organisations, DSD and beneficiaries from all national and provincial levels.

  • The consultation process was comprehensive and inclusive of many stakeholders and role players across a wide spectrum. The Report is the result of a rigorous process and contains both quantitative and qualitative data
  • In terms of transformation: racial equity in terms of users and providers of services has improved; the geographic disparities of service provision have lessened but the gap between the worst and best provinces remains large; there is much confusion amongst practitioners regarding what developmental social welfare services entails
  • DSD introduced the Integrated Service Model but it is not working in practice. There is a growing need for specialised services but need to ensure that people can access services at one point.
  • There is a lack of reliable and meaningful data on service users which makes it difficult to plan
  • There is a gap between policies and implementation
  • In terms of intersectoral co-operation there is duplication and lack of clarity and proposals have been made
  • There is an urgent need to draft and finalise an overarching act for social development [similar to the Health Act, Education Act, etc.]. The absence of such an Act, is a stumbling block. It must specify, for example, the roles and powers of all role players. Use the amended White Paper as the basis for the Act
  • There has been a loss in services due to the financing of NGOs. Urgent attention is required regarding transfers to…