Organisation Profile

NACOSS is a voluntary coalition of organisations committed to providing developmental social welfare services to the vulnerable and people in need throughout South Africa. NACOSS is committed to equitable social services for all; transformation; and the developmental approach to service delivery. This is achieved by:

  • Influencing Policy, Legislation and Practice
  • Representation on various consultative structures with government and other role players
  • Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Sharing of information
  • Skills development
  • Capacity-building of members
  • Networking

NACOSS members pay an annual fee and there is a part-time Coordinator. Three or four meetings are held per year and in between meetings various meetings and consultative workshops are attended. E Mail is the primary source for continuous communication and information sharing. Currently NACOSS has 18 members, most of which are national organisations. Altogether, members represent about 2 000 national, provincial and local organisations and services in all provinces, reaching approximately 6 million people in need throughout South Africa.

Our Constitution

Benefits of NACOSS

A partnership with the national Department of Social Development: NACOSS is recognised by the national Department of Social Development as a significant role player in the social welfare sector. NACOSS represents many organisations and is in touch with the circumstances of organisations at local level in all provinces. NACOSS meets with the national Department of Social Development where any issues affecting service delivery are raised and addressed. Sharing of information: NACOSS members work in all communities and in all the main focus areas. They have much expertise and experience. NACOSS members share information and experiences and strengthen each other. Making inputs into policy, legislation and practice: Policy documents and legislation are shared with members. Being recognised as a significant role player in the sector, NACOSS is invited to and attends many consultative sessions on planned policy and legislation that affect the social welfare sector. NACOSS members may not all be able to attend such sessions but NACOSS ensures that it is represented and that the information is shared with all NACOSS members. Taking action: NACOSS members are able to table issues affecting their services. Inputs from other members are obtained and together members decide on the best means to address such issues through consultation, advocacy and lobbying.