NACOSS provided significant input into the development of this Policy during 2014 and 2015. The aim of this Policy is to enable organisations to access funding for capital expenditure to care for and protect people with special needs in group housing. Such funding is the responsibility of the Department of Human Settlements in collaboration with the Department of Social Development. It applies to group housing for children, older persons, people with disabilities, substance abusers and victims of violence, for example.

The Policy was extensively developed and consulted with a wide range of role players and stakeholders. Unfortunately, the Ministers of Human Settlements and Social Development have still not yet approved the Policy, despite NACOSS and others writing to the Ministers urging them to approve the Policy as long ago as October 2015. Without the necessary Ministerial approval for this Policy, organisations will continue to struggle to maintain existing facilities for vulnerable groups and build new facilities in needy communities. No reasons have been communicated as to why this Policy has not yet been approved.